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About 0.Exchange

What is 0.Exchange?

0.Exchange Protocol realigns incentives for network participants by introducing revenue sharing and community driven network effects via the popular AMM Model delivered simultaneously across multiple blockchains all-in-one single platform. 0.Exchange allows users to swap tokens without any gas fees!

What is $ZERO token?

$ZERO is a governance token similar to $UNI, so at it's core it is a governance token. You are able to swap your ERC20 $ZERO for ARC20 $ZERO and BEP20 $ZERO 1:1.

What is Zero front running?

$ZERO prevents front running because transactions are processed in the order that they are received, as their is no mining incentive to pay more gas and thus have a block producer pick one transaction (the front runner) over another (the trader).

How are there nearly Zero Gas fees?

Transaction fees (also known as “gas") on AVAX ARC20 and BNB BEP20 will be negligible regardless of transaction size. All transactions on ECR20 will be standard ETH gas fees.

Is there Swap fee?

Swap fees on 0.Exchange are 0.3% fee which goes to the liquidity providers on the traded pair, this is the incentive.

How fast are transactions?

0.Exchange features sub second block times with near instantaneous transaction confirmation 120% faster than Ethereum.

Is it built on Level 2?

It’s a L1 blockchain with all the features of L2 but with the great security of L1.

Can you swap ERC-20 Tokens?

Zero utilizes avalanche c-chain which refers to what is used to interact with the ethereum virtual machine, the bridge itself is known as chainbridge which is what allows cross chain transfers, not only btc, eth, bnb and avalanche but other blockchains such as DOT.

Was there token presale or investors?

No presale, no investors. The team invested 60 eth of their own to bootstrap the project.

Is the token listed on CoinGecko?

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